Farmer Development

The Fair Food Company through the Fair Food Foundation as its corporate Foundation, is seeking to address the unequal status quo within the agriculture sector and not only provide emerging farmers with an opportunity to access support, expertise and markets, but importantly to participate as beneficiaries in the entire agriculture value chain.

To reach this objective, the Foundation provides a sustainable farmer development support model, through the training academy, that ultimately links growers to markets and customers. 

The ‘farm to fork’ development model carefully analyses beneficiaries skills and needs, land capacity and planning requirements and market dynamics, primary process certification requirements (e.g. GlobalGAP) and opportunities. The design then links sustainable demand with sustainable supply through effective training and mentorship interventions. This includes growing farmers into farmer- entrepreneurs equipped with requisite business development skillset and external support to not only farm better commercially but together with The Fair Food Company collectively raise capital needed for farming effectively and meeting market demands.

The Fair Food Company and its existing market presence, experience and clients provide a low risk entry point for Foundation qualified farmers with quality product to access bulk fresh and processed markets.

By successfully reaching a consistent and quality supply status, the growers are the opportunity through the Fair Food Farmers Trust to become shareholders in The Fair Food Company, thereby enabling the access to the shared values in the food value chain post farmgate, and thereby starting to restructure the nature of participation by farmers in the processing value chains.