Edamame is a protein-rich superfood from the soya family that has been part of the diets of East Asian countries for over 2 000 years. 

The Fair Food Company, together with its strong network of partner outgrowers is the only commercial producer of edamame in the country. Having carefully researched, selected and bred varieties over a 10-year period, and together with the support of internationally acclaimed edamame professionals in the industry and our academic institution partners, we are now well positioned to compete with international suppliers. Through generous grant funding and support of the Fair Food Foundation by the eThekwini Municipality and The Jobs Fund, the Company was able to build a solid foundation and a new crop industry in South Africa. Through our research head, Dr Armand Smit, we continue to lead commercial Edamame planting efforts and Edamame research in Africa. We have formally partnered with academic and research institutions in South Africa and internationally to further develop more appropriate Edamame varieties for Africa, thereby advancing our efforts to bring this highly nutritious plant-based protein source to our continent and its people. 

Our Edamame is a non-GMO vegetable type soybean which is high in protein, low in fat, gluten free, contains dietary fibre, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and omega fatty acids, plus the complete amino acid spectrum in the right ratio for human requirement Fair Food Co supplies frozen and roasted edamame to national retailers in South Africa and is currently developing a tasty and super-healthy dip and canned range to follow.



Canned Edamame in convenient ready to eat ring-pull cans. Ideal for salads, added as is to various dishes or direct from the can. Available in three ready to eat ranges, natural, mixed and black bean.

Frozen Pods

Frozen Pods - own brand or Fair Food Co branded 400Gm Doybags, Instant quick frozen pods fresh from the farms. Simply heat (boil, steam of blanch) and pop the beans from the pods into your mouth.

Frozen Shelled

Frozen Shelled - own brand or Fair Food conveniently packaged into 200gm attractive packs. These Edamame have already been shelled and easily added to dishes as is. No popping required - just super healthy eating.


Roasted Edamame is the ideal health snack. We super-roast to maintain the goodness and offer bulk or packaged into 80Gm punnets for freshness. Choose from salted, siracha spiced, chocolate coated and trail mix.


Edamame Dips are carefully prepared and High Pressure pasturised, allowing shelf life without nasty additives and chemicals. The tasty dip range is available in herb or truffle recipes in 200Gm easy peel tubs with sleeve.


Mature Edamame can be used and prepared as you would any dry bean. Highly nutritious and tasty, these beans add both flavour, goodness and colour to any dish. Available in bulk unbranded or branded packaging.