Our Values

The FFCo. invests in programs on the agricultural value chain and these programs are carefully selected, assessed and implemented with a triple bottom line focus where long-term sustainability matters the most.


  • Our board, management and employees are chosen for competence and sound ethical values


  • We are honest at all times to each other, our sponsors, our board, our suppliers and our beneficiaries


  • We are driven by excellence in our service to our sponsors and our beneficiaries


  • We ensure that the solutions we provide are sustainable and cause no negative impact to the environment


  • We commit to the efficient use of resources in our care to ensure maximum benefit to our stakeholders


  • We ensure that all interactions with investors, sponsors, suppliers, beneficiaries and other stakeholders are governed by sound ethical principles and are free of bribery and corruption


  • We respect the dignity of our employees and all who we come in contact with, irrespective of race, gender, age, religion, political affiliation and sexual orientation


  • We ensure that health and safety is a priority within our organization


  • We value all our stakeholders